Chateau Nozières - Cahors
Ecocert Organic Conversion

Château Nozières is a Family Run 50 hectars Vineyard located in the village of Vire sur Lot in the Heart of the Cahors appellation. The 2 grapes allowed are the Malbec and the Merlot.
 The Domaine is cultivated using traditional methods which respect the environment (exploitation of alternating parcels, planting of grass, minimal use of chemicals…).

What About Cahors?

From the upper Lot Valley come what were once described as the "Black" wines of Cahors.The dominant grape variety is Malbec known locally as auxerrois. Blends must contain at least 70% Malbec; other varies used are Merlot and Tannat.

Why Having Chateau Nozieres With Terroirs Export?

I know the Guitard Family for almost 7 years and when I decided to start that company, we talk with Olivier about his Export Market.
He was not working in the US so he asked me to take care of it to start.