Château Nozières
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This 55-hectare family estate spreads over the sunny terraces of the town of Vire-sur-Lot, which are among the finest terroirs of the Cahors vineyard. The vineyard is under the double influence of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean climate.

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About AOC Malbec

The Cahors AOC was created in 1971 and is reserved exclusively for red wines crafted from Malbec grapes. The specifications governing the appellation allow two secondary grape varieties: Tannat and Merlot, but Malbec must represent at least 70% of the blend. In 2020, the AOC represented a planted vineyard area of 3,323 hectares, out of a total of 21,700 hectares covering 45 communes in the Lot, for the delimited AOC area. The vineyard differs from its counterparts elsewhere in the south-west of France due to its iconic grape variety. Cahors is the cradle of Malbec. 

  • Geography and Climate 
The Cahors vineyard enjoys a combination of climatic influences very conducive to winegrowing. As the crow flies, the vineyard is the same distance from the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees mountains. The temperate oceanic influence is still present with well-distributed rainfall and plenty of sunshine to ensure optimal ripening of the grapes. The favourable geographical location avoids both Atlantic humidity and Mediterranean autumn rainfall. The vineyard benefits from a sunny autumn season which allows winemakers to fine-tune ideal ripeness conditions for harvest without excessive rain.

The influence of the Massif Central mountain range also gives Quercy a mountain climate. This healthy climate for vines in winter brings mild conditions most of the time, although exceptional cold is possible.

  • Soils
The Cahors vineyard is planted on two main types of terroir: a limestone plateau, the Causses, through which the Lot valley runs from east to west.

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How I started with Château Nozières
I have known the Guitard family for almost 7 years and when I decided to found Terroirs Export, we talks with Olivier about his export market. He was not working in the US so he asked me to take care of it.
Thibault Poisson