Domaine Chavet - Menetou Salon
HVE3 sustainable certified

The CHAVET family has been growing vine since the 17th century, in the very heart of the Menetou-Salon vineyard and has succeeded in developing a unique know-how.
The company is now spread over a 23 ha wide estate and has invested in modern equipment in order to meet with new demands and standards. Their passion has remained untouched and they are proud to produce a high-quality wine in the respect of nature and tradition.

Where is Menetou Salon?

As is telling Philipe Chavet, Menetou Salon is the Appellation which is the most in the center of France.
The Menetou Salon Vineyard is extending over 330 hectares (820 acres) over the hill and covers an area of 10 communes, one of which is Menetou-Salon itself
They Grow Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.
Officially part of the Loire Valley wines, that appellation is as for me alf way between Loire Valley and Burgundy.
Not only because of the Pinot Noir Grape but also because of the soil structure made of Kimmeridgian Clay which is also found in the vineyard of Chablis.

Why Having Chavet With Terroirs Export?

I knew Philipe and Marie Lise Chavet for 6 years; sharing a stand at Prowein while I was working for the Feray Family.
When I came with that project, I wanted to work with a Menetou Salon rather than with a Sancerre Vineyard.
Not as known but as good if not better.
I really liked their wines and the people so I asked them if they were interested to work with me for some export Market.