Domaine de la Lyre
Ecocert Organic Certified

the Vineyard :

The Domaine la Lyre is a beautiful Domaine of 45 hectares (11 acres) located in Pouzilhac, a charming village near Uzès and the Pont du Gard in the South of France. The entire Domaine is cultivated in organic farming and produces natural Côtes du Rhône wines, in the utmost respect of traditions and authenticity.
The village of Pouzilhac is located along the National road 86, which is drawn on the path of the Ancient Roman road linking the cities of Nimes on the South coast to Albas in the North. The first documents mentioning viticulture on the village date back to the17th Century.
The Domaine la Lyre takes his name from the old gate built in the 19th Century, which was decorated with a heavy iron Lyre. This gate was taken down in the 20th Century when the vineyard surface was increased.

Organic Viticulture :

Environmental protection is a very important issue for us. The Domaine has been cultivated entirely in organic farming since 2009. Our wines are certified 100% organic since the 2012 vintage. Our organic certification is done by Ecocert, the renowned organization. In fact, agricultural practices on the Domaine have been natural for a very long time, but it is only in 2008 that we decided to make it ocial by getting the certication. We believe it is the only way to clearly state our engagement for the environment. Work in the vineyard and during the winemaking is guaranteed 100% natural. No chemicals of any sort are used on the Domaine. We are making our best to preserve our soil and our beautiful terroir and we also consider it important for the health of the men working everyday on the field.

Carte Domaine de La Lyre