Domaine de l'Or de Line - Châteauneuf du Pape
Ecocert Organic Certified

The Estate:

"We created the Domaine l'Or de Line in 2007 and gave it a name reminiscent of that of our daughter Laureline, hoping that one day she will run it. Which she decided to do, to our great delight, in 2017".

For 10 years it was Paule and Gérard Jacumin who took care of it, taking advantage of the experience of several decades of work in a previous estate in the Châteauneuf du Pape vineyard.
The 9ha estate is quite fragmented, because it is the reunion of plots coming half from the de Gérard family and the other half from Paule. Both come from old families of winegrowers from Châteauneuf du Pape. This, in addition to their own experience, allows them to benefit from the experience of their ancestors.
Paule, Gérard and Laureline eat organic food, live organic and have a particular sensitivity to the protection of the environment. This is why it was natural for the cultivation and vinification to be organic.

The Philosophy:

By embracing the organic viticulture they decided to follow the organic rules such as low intervention, no chemical use in the vineyard, traditional plowing, natural fertilizers etc...   They chose to go even further in 2010 by joining a group of research mandated by the state of France in order to reduce the use of treatment by 50% between 2010 and 2018.  Even if the products used in the Vineyard are naturals it doesn't necessarily means that they are good for the soils and the animals/insects that belong to the vines plots. They decided to reduce the treatments to be more respectfull of the environment and the nature.  

The Vineyard: 

In Châteauneuf du Pape, there are several types of terroirs: on the terraces, there are large silica pebbles that cover the ground. They play a role of thermal regulator since they return the heat stored during the day to the grapes at night. They produce more powerful wines. Then come the gravelly soils, it means smaller stony limestone, clay soils that produce well-balanced wines and sandy soils that underline the aromas of the wines. Depending on the climatic conditions of each vintage, these different terroirs express themselves more or less strongly. Hence the art of the appellation's winegrowers to choose the grape varieties best suited to each terroir. In Chateauneuf, 13 different types of grapes are allowed and Domaine de l'or de Line has the luck to produce 11 of them on 15 different terroirs which brings them the opportunity to work every year with a great diversity of grapes.