Domaine Gendraud Patrice - Chablis

The Domaine

Originally from Beine, for generations, Christophe Patrice has worked in the family estate with his father and uncles since 2007. Spirit of freedom, he settles alone on a vineyard of 5 hectares. In 2011, he took over the Daniel Roblot estate and teamed up with his wife Aurélie Gendraud to found Domaine Gendraud Patrice with an area of 19 hectares and an average age of 35 years.

The estate cultivates vines in the communes of Beine, Courgis and Chablis. They propose you Petit Chablis, Chablis and Chablis premier cru Beauregards, Montmails and Beauroy, following the extension of their domain, they wish to develop the sale by the bottle in the direction of the particular, professional customers as well as the export.

The Vineyard

Contrary to everything that is done by a large majority of Chablis vineyard farmers, our vines are planted at a low density of 5800 vines per hectare. We also privilege quality over quantity and for that we practice the pruning of our vines in simple guyot or in double guyot. Phytosanitary products are used only when necessary and fertilization is reasoned according to the plots. We can therefore consider that our way of cultivating the vine is perfectly in line of the  "culture raisonnée".