Domaine Gilles Lesimple
HVE3 sustainable certified

Gilles Lesimple is the fourth generation of a family of winegrowers. Based in the well-known village of Chavignol (a commune in Sancerre), he has been a winegrower since 1997. After having trained in a stellar American winery, he took over the family domaine, where he farms 10 hectares, of which 85% are Sauvignon Blanc. After several years working with local wine merchants, he decided recently to start bottling his own wine. Gilles Lesimple farms his vines with minimum intervention, to ensure maximum respect for the environment. He works the soil to develop the biodiversity.


His vineyard is sit on the main 3 type of soil in Sancerre :
- 40% on Caillottes (Limestone)
- 40% on The Marnes from the Kimeridgian. The ‘White Earth’ is to be found more on the western side of Sancerre)
- 20% on Flint – Silex. Is formations run along the Loire, and culminate in the tops of the hills on the Eastern side of the appellation).