Domaine Molin
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Family estate created in 1987 by Armelle and Jean-Michel Molin. It consists of 7 hectares with regional, villages, 1er crus and grands crus. They produce Rosé, White and Red wines. The tradition remains very present while combining today's methods. In 2004, after the arrival of their son Alexandre on the farm, the organic conversion was started and the certification obtained in 2010. 

The vines are partially grassed to allow the fauna and flora to develop and thus participate in the regulation of diseases and "useful" insects. Weedkillers and chemicals are replaced by natural products, ploughing, mowing.

The winery also produced some Mazy Chambertin Grand cru as well as some Aligoté.

Technical Sheets

About Fixin

Fixin is a small village on the Côte de Nuit located between Gevrey Chambretin and Marsannay. 
It represents about 101 hectares with 6% white wine and 94% red wine. Fixin and Fixin 1er cru are produced there. The grape varieties as in all the Côte de Nuit are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Its vineyards, located on a clay-limestone soil with marl, are mostly exposed to the east, an exposure that makes the quality of the great Burgundies.

How I started with Armelle et Jean-Michel Molin
I have been drinking the red Fixin from domaine Molin for quite some time thanks to one of my friend who introduced me to it. One day I asked myself whether it was at all exported. I contacted the winery the next day and understood that it has never been exported. I offer ed them my service and this is how we started to work together. It took some time because it happened in Fall 2019, just before the 25% Airbus tariff in the US and also just before the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic started. We reallly started to work together in Spring 2021.

Thibault Poisson