Domaine Specht - Alsace 
HVE3 sustainable certified

Domaine Specht is located in Mittelwihr, small village of 1000 people on the wine road in the heart of the Alsacian vineyard. Created in 1955 by Alfred Specht, it is 11 Hectars big devided in 40 plots which are located thru the area of Mittelwihr and on the more well known villages of Beblenheim, Riquewihr and Ribeauvillé.
Domaine Specht grow and produce all the grapes allowed in the Alsace vineyard with a special focus on the Local Grand Cru Mandelberg where they grow only Riesling and Gewurztraminer.
The vines are ideally located on the « Under Vosges » hills around these villages. Each plot are separetly work out to get the best out of each one.
Domaine Specht is run by the 2 brothers Denis and Jean Paul. Early 2016, their sons Benjamin and Thibault came onboard. Jean Paul will retire late this year and denis at the end of 2017.

What About the Alsace Wine?

As a wine region, Alsace stands apart from the rest of France. The reasons for this are both geographical and historical. Geographically, the province of Alsace is isolated on the west by the Vosges mountains and on the east by the river Rhine. Historically, there have been frequent disputes as to which of these two was the natural boundary of France, or of Germany, for the matter.
The Wine villages lie in a narrow band 140 kilometres long, at the foot of the Vosges.The better vineyards are situated on the lower slopes, which face due east and can be as steep as 65%. Exposed to the early morning sun, they gain the maximum benefit from its rays throughout the day. The best wines of all come from the Haut Rhin, aound the town of Colmar, where is Mittelwihr and the Specht Vineyard.
Alsace differs from other area of France in that it is generally the grape variety that is dominant feature on the label.

Why Having Domaine Specht With Terroirs export?

I knew Domaine Specht's Owner Denis Specht during a Wine Tasting in Germany. I tasted his wines and really enjoyed them. I also liked the man and how he talk about his wines and his work.
It was very important for me to work with an Alsace Producer since their  grapes doesn't grow anywhere else in France.

View of the Vallee from the Top of Ribeauville

The German border is at the bottom of the screen, the village of Ribeauville down the hill and Beblenheim on the right hand side of Ribeauville from your point of view. Mittelwhir is behind Beblenhein, on the other side of the small hill. The vine around us are Pinot Blanc.

Harvest With Specht

Mittelwhir is located between Beblenheim, Ribauvillé and Colmar