Sovino - [COX] * wines       

What is [COX] * wines?

[COX]* is a brand of modern and fruity wines from the South West of France. This single variety range is composed of well established international standards such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and of vibrant and exciting cultivars such as Malbec or Colombard which are getting more and more popular among customers on the main international markets. The result is just unique for the South West of France and our wines are often discribed as modern, smooth and chic with a modern and friendly packaging.

Who is Behind [Cox] *Wines?

Olivier The Wine Maker and Thibault the Wine Merchant are Behind the [COX] * wines. 

Why Having [Cox]* Wines With Terroirs export? 

The [COX]* brand is a sign of warranty for high quality fruity wines. The wines offer elegance and smoothness in the mouth. The  [COX] * wines's team have developed a strong relationship with some of the best producers of the southwestern France selected for the quality of their respective «terroir» and their commitment to respect the environment. The choices dictated through technical specifications allow them to develop unique wines. They are happy to present  a range of wines which respect the characteristics of each grape variety. By tasting the [COX] * wines, lets discover new sensations and get the elegant and intense fruity aromas of each wine.