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If you are an Importer or a  distributor looking for some crafted french wineries, a wine drinker looking for information about various wines or a wine maker with an interest to discuss  your export market, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be very happy to chat with you about our mutual interest and passion.

What about Terroirs?

The Terroir can be very loosely translated as "a sense of place," which is embodied in certain characteristic qualities, the sum of the effects that the local environment has had on the production of the product. 
In fact this is much more complexe than that.
The concept of terroir is at the base of the French wine Appellation d'origine Protegee (AOP) system that has been the model for appellation and wine laws across the globe. At its core is the assumption that the land from which the grapes are grown imparts a unique quality that is specific to that growing site. The amount of influence and the scope that falls under the description of terroir has been a controversial topic in the wine industry because it does also include some none mesurable elements such as the philosophy and the spirit of the wine maker.

Our company name makes reference to the "Terroirs" because this is the reason why we love wine: The diversity. Terroirs Export is representing wines that have a spirit and their own caracteristics. No wines should taste like an other one, even if it comes from the same grape from the same location and that the grape grown during the same vintage. The winegrower's hand is also part of it and this is why that notion is so complex and controversial.