Domaine Pascal Gibault - Touraine

The P A S C A L  G I B A U L T vineyards has been a family-operated estate for 3 generations. Pascal & Danielle have been overseeing the production since 1988. They are constantly striving to maintain the values that they cherish: innovation, a contemporary outlook and precision in their work.
Pascal has a gift for understanding how contemporary wine has to taste and product design evolves. His wines are handcrafted on the estate and reveal the authentic character of a true artisan. He is showing in his wines the terroir where are growing his grapes. 

The Beauty Of Touraine

Touraine is known for Sauvignon blanc and I understand why. That grape grows really well in that Terroirs. However touraine is not only sauvignon Blanc and Pascal Gibault is a good exemple. Chardonnay could really express well in here such as pascal's Chardonnay vin de Pays named "vision d'Or".
Reds could also be very interested. Not only the cabernet franc but also the gamay which can be spicy under our cool climate and the Malbec that is known here under the name "COT". Pascal Blend that 3 grapes in his "Emotion" Cuvée.

Why Working with Pascal Gibault

Again, this is a question of mutual friends and relationship.
Leaving in the Touraine area it was obvious for me to work with a winery from the region on the Top of Benoit Daridan. I was not sure who I wanted to be working with and the timing has been pretty good for both of us. Pascal is a great winemaker and Danielle, his wife, has a real understanding of the US Market.